How to Clean the Outside of a Mobile Home

How to properly clean the outside of a mobile home. 

Keeping mobile homes in a clean and welcoming state isn’t hard to do, but there are little efforts you need to make each day to ensure your mobile home is in tip top condition. By keeping your mobile home in quality condition, your price value can raise, your mobile home park value can raise, and it could even encourage neighbors to hold their own. 

Mobile homes can get dirty, scratched, and worn down much similar to a traditional home. Keeping your mobile home clean doesn’t require too much attention or big power tools. It’s actually fairly easy and you can do it yourself for little effort. Here are some ways to clean the outside of your mobile home in case it gets dirty. 

  1. Fill a large mop bucket with water and add one cup of vinegar. The vinegar/water solution will act as a perfect cleaning tool. 
  2. Using a garden hose, soak the exterior of your mobile home in smaller sections. Dip the mop into the bucket and scrub down the sides of the home. Sometimes dirt and debris can stick to the mobile home, so using force may be needed in some areas. 
  3. Use your hose and rinse the area. You’ll immediately be able to see the difference that a vinegar/water solution can make. 
  4. If stains remain, then rinse and repeat until you are satisfied with the exterior. 
  5. Continue scrubbing down the mobile home until your entire home is in good condition. 

These small acts can help you tremendously in the future. If you continue to keep your mobile home in excellent condition, you’ll have much better luck selling the home in the future. Plus, who doesn’t want to live in a clean environment? 

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