Types of Mobile Homes

Types Of Mobile Homes

When you think of a mobile home you most likely picture trailer parks in Orange County. Well, this is entirely the truth. In fact, a majority of Southern California mobile homes are prefabricated manufactured homes that rests on plots of land in a mobile home community. There are different types of mobile homes, mobile home trailers included, that we would like to discuss.

First and foremost, a mobile home is a home that rests on a permanent structure, but can be moved to a new location due to its build and structure. They aren’t always trailers that sit in trailer parks. Most modern mobile homes offer very similar lifestyle amenities as your standard apartment or home. They are built and checked with the same quality inspections as a traditional home. Some mobile homes sell for as much as $4,000,000! 

There are typically two types of mobile homes: Single wide and double wide. A single wide home is the smallest of the two. It spans about 90ft or less in length and 18ft or less in width. These homes are easily moved and are usually towed into lots where they rest as a single family unit. Due to the size and structure, these mobile homes are typically more affordable. 

Double wide trailers have a length of 90ft or less, but are at least 20ft in width. Double wides are transferred to the site one at a time. They will have much more space than a single wide unit, making them more expensive to the owner. The mobile home space rent at the community will typically be more than a single wide as well. Double wide mobile homes can also tend to look very similar to a traditional home.

Single wide and double wide mobile homes are the most standard to 90% of the mobile home community. There is, however, a triple wide unit. These are commonly found in high end mobile home communities. Triple wides will have at least 3 sections, but can span to 5 or more. It’s rare to see a mobile home so large, but they do exist. 

Mobile homes can tend to have a bad reputation when it comes to comfortable living. There are many cases in which mobile homes can offer a reliable, safe, and comfortable life – all while at an affordable rate. 

If you’re looking for a mobile home park in Southern California then make sure you have all the right information you need. Thanks for tuning in! 

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