Three Reasons why Mobile Homes are Beneficial

Three Reasons why Mobile Homes are Beneficial

Are you considered living in a mobile home in California? Well, we are a community of mobile home owners who want to explain the personal benefits of living in a mobile home. Here are the three tips on why living in a mobile home is beneficial.

One: Safe and Quality-Controlled

Most people think that mobile homes are typically run down or vulnerable to weather. Well, you shouldn’t worry about this anymore. In 1976 the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development raised the quality standards of mobile homes. Each mobile home is required to meet certain living standards that allow for a comfy and sustainable lifestyle.

Two: You Wont Break the Bank

Typically, mobile homes are more affordable than traditional living situations such as renting or buying a home. The good thing about living in a mobile home is that you actually end up owning your mobile home if you decide to purchase it. You do have to pay a space rent fee each month which helps pay for the community and location you will live at. Here is an article which explains more about space rent: https://www.californiamobilehomeparkrentals.com/rental-information

Three: Community

Living in a mobile home not only is affordable, quality assured, and safe. It even brings a sense of community through your neighbors and park managers. Most mobile home parks around southern California come equipped with many amenities you couldn’t normally have. Some communities have pools and spas that are available during operating hours. The banquet center is a great place to host and attend events to meet your neighbors. This is my personal favorite benefit of living in a mobile home in southern California.

Make sure to properly do your research into the mobile home park and ensure it is the right place for you. California offers tons of parks that have great reviews and amenities. It’s always important to understand your environment before you decide to make the move.

How to Find The Right Mobile Home Community for You

When looking for the right location you can’t just ask someone to pick for you. Finding the right location depends on your lifestyle and tendencies, your preferences and opinions. But that doesn’t mean people can’t guide you on the right things to look at when making those decisions. Maybe you hate the ocean so if we recommended the Davis Creek Mobile Home Park you would hate it but on the other hand would love Cypress Trailer Park because of certain amenities. So here we are going to focus your attention on certain topics and see if we can help you out.

Location is the biggest topic when it comes to moving or finding a new location. If you hate snow just avoid places that have frequent or any snowfall. It’s that simple but you need to understand that every convenience costs money when moving. This counts to how close schools are to the property, how far metro areas are to you, and every other thing the average person would need or want for a comfortable life. Location will always be the biggest factor in the decision and in pricing of whatever land or home you are looking at. So really put some thought into where you want to be located and get to doing some research!

Next comes lifestyle. You might want you to be in a quiet community with very little people interaction. Or maybe you want to be in a bustling community with events happening every week to get you out and about. Lifestyle choice will play a major factor mainly in the community you decide to be a part of. Most cities have an abundance of lifestyle choices so it’ll come down to what you can afford and what you want your HQ to be around. It can even be as specific as what type of people live there are their jobs. If you go to a community and a majority of people are night workers and you’re not, that community may not be right for you and your lifestyle. Maybe you’re single and hate kids, you better make sure that the community you have been eyeing has many singles or you’ll have a bad experience there.

The community itself also plays a factor and I don’t mean the people and the lifestyle. I mean the type of amenities and rules they enforce. Maybe you have a pet or want one but the community has a strict policy against them. It could even be as strict as you want a family member to stay for a few nights but that is not allowed. Understanding each community and what they want will help narrow down some choices for you. 

The most important thing to understand is that compromise is something you may have to learn to be okay with. Not every place will be perfect and it is very rare that you’ll find the exact place that is right for you. So learn what you can waiver on and what you can’t live without and make a decision based on that. 

Mobile Homes Parks Vs. Apartment Buildings

The big conversation of mobile home parks and apartment buildings will always be amongst investors. People will always say owning and renting an apartment building is an excellent investment, but on the other hand Warren Buffict owns a vast amount of mobile home parks. Tenants claim that living in a mobile home park for rent is awesome, but a lot of other individuals says they can’t get enough of their apartment life and will never change. Lets see what you think the best option is after we discuss a bit.

The turnover is a big difference between the two types of living. In Sierra Corporate apartments or any other apartment the average occupant stay is around two years. Compared to when we look at Briairwood Mobile estates or your average mobile home community the stay is a lot more permanent. This is because apartments are seen as a more temporary solution to living instead of a long term solution. When looking at mobile homes people usually occupy a piece of land, more like a home, and make it their own and don’t think about moving around. Mobile homes are harder to move and relocate compared to just living in an apartment as well.

With apartments maintenance and other amenities is a huge draw. When you stay in an apartment complex you usually have a community washer and dryer or your own washer and dryer in the apartment. They come with their own maintenance team and people to keep the space in working order. When you live in a mobile home community it is just like living in a neighborhood. You are responsible for your own repairs, responsible for your own units to wash and dry clothes. You have to make sure your home is taken care of and up to code. 

Expansion is also a difference when it comes to mobile home parks and apartment buildings. With mobile home parks all you need to do is have land available for people to occupy. So if you want to expand all you need to do is buy more land to fill with units. In some cases this is seen as a vast advantage because if you have good land around you your profitability can be as expansive as your land availability. But in other cases which is more often than the later the land can not be used and you are stuck with what you have unless you spend the money to make the land available. On the other hand apartments are pretty set in the expansiveness. Yes you can always add to a building but the price to do that is rarely worth it. 

These are some of the unique cases but do some solo research. Breakdown the differences and see, no matter for investment or renting, what you like about each and make an informed decision. 

Types of Mobile Homes

Types Of Mobile Homes

When you think of a mobile home you most likely picture trailer parks in Orange County. Well, this is entirely the truth. In fact, a majority of Southern California mobile homes are prefabricated manufactured homes that rests on plots of land in a mobile home community. There are different types of mobile homes, mobile home trailers included, that we would like to discuss.

First and foremost, a mobile home is a home that rests on a permanent structure, but can be moved to a new location due to its build and structure. They aren’t always trailers that sit in trailer parks. Most modern mobile homes offer very similar lifestyle amenities as your standard apartment or home. They are built and checked with the same quality inspections as a traditional home. Some mobile homes sell for as much as $4,000,000! 

There are typically two types of mobile homes: Single wide and double wide. A single wide home is the smallest of the two. It spans about 90ft or less in length and 18ft or less in width. These homes are easily moved and are usually towed into lots where they rest as a single family unit. Due to the size and structure, these mobile homes are typically more affordable. 

Double wide trailers have a length of 90ft or less, but are at least 20ft in width. Double wides are transferred to the site one at a time. They will have much more space than a single wide unit, making them more expensive to the owner. The mobile home space rent at the community will typically be more than a single wide as well. Double wide mobile homes can also tend to look very similar to a traditional home.

Single wide and double wide mobile homes are the most standard to 90% of the mobile home community. There is, however, a triple wide unit. These are commonly found in high end mobile home communities. Triple wides will have at least 3 sections, but can span to 5 or more. It’s rare to see a mobile home so large, but they do exist. 

Mobile homes can tend to have a bad reputation when it comes to comfortable living. There are many cases in which mobile homes can offer a reliable, safe, and comfortable life – all while at an affordable rate. 

If you’re looking for a mobile home park in Southern California then make sure you have all the right information you need. Thanks for tuning in! 

Five Smart Mobile Home Upgrades

Mobile Homes Los Angeles

5 Smart Upgrades For Your Mobile Home

5 Smart Upgrades For Your Mobile Home

Upgrading your Southern California mobile home can bring a lot of joy, save costs, and make your home more tech-savvy. Mobile home maintenance can be as simple as changing the locks, or as complicated as a full on renovation. In this blog we hope to tell you about the simple, and not so simple ways to upgrade your home.

Before we dive into it, one might ask why are upgrades necessary for my mobile home? Upgrading your home isn’t 100% necessary, but it can increase the value of your home which makes a better investment and not everyone can up and move to South Bay mobile homes for an improved investments. When you get ready to sell your mobile home, a ready-to-move buyer doesn’t want to deal with the renovations. So keeping your home up to date and modern can always pay off in the end. 

Another reason would be the comfort and living amenities. By upgrading your home with more modern appliances and technology, you can keep it looking clean and comfortable. Enjoying where you live is a big reason for overall happiness. Let’s dive in deeper and discover the different kinds of upgrades that are available. 

Here are some mobile home upgrades you can put into effect: 

  1. Insulation – Replacing the insulation in the home can provide a variety of benefits. Insulation is rated by the R-Value. The higher the R-Value the better the insulation will be. Insulation can help with a wide variety of conditions. In areas where it gets much colder at night such as the beach or mountains, insulation can trap the heat more effectively to cut down on the cost of the power bill. 
  2. Flooring – Replacing the floor can be a pretty tough task to take on. Hiring a professional is the best route to go unless you have had past experience with flooring and carpeting. Changing the floors here are there is great for helping keep things interesting, raising the property value, and enjoying your home the way you imagine it. There are many affordable ways to change the carpet or floor in a home as well. You can start with something small like the bathroom before you move on to the larger rooms. This can give you the time you need to properly design your home.
  3. Energy Efficiency – Replacing the systems insulation is great for saving energy. There are also other methods such as replacing the windows and doors to getting solar roof panels installed to help power the house. Weatherstripping or caulking the house can be the most simple method of saving energy at an affordable rate. 
  4. Painting – Yes, this is typically the first thing everyone thinks of when it comes to upgrading a mobile home. Painting is a great thing you can do yourself, or hire an expert for. It keeps the home fresh and can be affordable depending on where you shop and the paint you get. 
  5. Remodeling – This is the most expensive by far, because it requires a professional team, lots of new furniture and appliances, and it can get pretty hectic. It’s everyone’s dream to remodel their home, if you have the budget to spend then why not go for it. 

Living in an upgraded home can provide a great amount of benefits to you and your community. It always feels good to have a nice clean home to live in. Communities like California Mobile Home Owners talk about their own experiences of living in a mobile home and how they upgrade their home.We recommend taking it slow and upgrading your mobile home over time. You’ll be hooked on fixing, building, designing, and creating the home of your dreams more than ever before. 

Best Mobile Home Communities For Your Lifestyle

If you’re interested in living in a mobile home in Southern California, then we hope we can provide some useful information that will allow you to find the best mobile home community that accommodates your lifestyle. Depending on your lifestyle needs and wants, there are several different parks that offer a wide variety of amenities. 

For instance, there are parks located in the bluffs of Malibu or the hills in the countryside that can cost millions of dollars for a single home. This is primarily due to the location of the mobile home. Yes, the mobile homes themselves are much nicer than others, but the location is overall the differentiating factor. Living anywhere that’s a short walk from the beach is expensive enough, then add a community center, restaurant, pool, spa and it’s hard to not look into it.

Most modern mobile homes are equipped with all the special lifestyle amenities one would need. The build quality is similar to more traditional residences and manufactured homes have to pass the same safety inspections. The interiors are relatively similar to what you find in a home or apartment. 

So, how do you find the best mobile home community for your lifestyle? 

Well, starting off by researching the environments you want to be around is a start. If you are an outdoorsy person, then finding a mobile home park with easy access to trails and beaches could be great. Fitness facilities and gyms are popular in most modern mobile home parks so the active residents don’t have to worry about costly gym memberships outside of the park. 

If you have children in school, then there are many mobile home parks that are family-friendly and offer safe areas for kids to grow up and hangout. Recreation centers and community events are great places for kids throughout the neighborhood to meet each other and hangout. 

It’s not always a bad idea to visit some of the parks themselves and ask to have a tour. Mobile home property managers are usually more than happy to take potential residents around and show them what the park has to offer. Speaking to the current residents is also a good way to gain more insight into the benefits the parks have to offer. 

At the end of the day, mobile home parks can offer great lifestyle advantages that get passed up more often than not. Finding the right park for you and your lifestyle will require some knowledge, homework, and seeing the park yourself. 

How to Clean the Outside of a Mobile Home

How to properly clean the outside of a mobile home. 

Keeping mobile homes in a clean and welcoming state isn’t hard to do, but there are little efforts you need to make each day to ensure your mobile home is in tip top condition. By keeping your mobile home in quality condition, your price value can raise, your mobile home park value can raise, and it could even encourage neighbors to hold their own. 

Mobile homes can get dirty, scratched, and worn down much similar to a traditional home. Keeping your mobile home clean doesn’t require too much attention or big power tools. It’s actually fairly easy and you can do it yourself for little effort. Here are some ways to clean the outside of your mobile home in case it gets dirty. 

  1. Fill a large mop bucket with water and add one cup of vinegar. The vinegar/water solution will act as a perfect cleaning tool. 
  2. Using a garden hose, soak the exterior of your mobile home in smaller sections. Dip the mop into the bucket and scrub down the sides of the home. Sometimes dirt and debris can stick to the mobile home, so using force may be needed in some areas. 
  3. Use your hose and rinse the area. You’ll immediately be able to see the difference that a vinegar/water solution can make. 
  4. If stains remain, then rinse and repeat until you are satisfied with the exterior. 
  5. Continue scrubbing down the mobile home until your entire home is in good condition. 

These small acts can help you tremendously in the future. If you continue to keep your mobile home in excellent condition, you’ll have much better luck selling the home in the future. Plus, who doesn’t want to live in a clean environment? 

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